Extra Special 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Get the right gift with our 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas.

Looking for an anniversary idea for your parentsí or grandparentsí 50th wedding anniversary can be frustrating. You want it to be special and memorable, but what can you buy that they donít already have? Nothing will please them more than a DVD that serves as a story of their life together. This meaningful gift is easy to do, but does take some planning and coordination. Get started early so youíll have plenty of time to make this anniversary gift extra special.

Send out an email or letter to relatives and friends telling them your plan and remind them to keep it a secret. Set up times to interview them. If they live too far away for you to do it in person, ask if someone can video them using your questions and prompts. Take the separate videos to a professional who can edit them all onto one DVD, accompanied by music that has meaning to the anniversary couple.

Although the relatives may protest they have nothing interesting to say, itís easy to get them started. Have a list of questions that will prompt their memories. ďTell us about a time when you and Grandpa got in troubleĒ or ďTalk about the first time you and Grandma went on a double date together.Ē

Plan to also make a scrapbook to accompany the recording. Ask friends and relatives to share written memories with you to put in the scrapbook. They can also pen anniversary sentiments. Use old newspaper clippings, cards, pictures and anything else you can find.

Invite the honored pair to dinner without telling them itís a surprise party. Only donít do it the traditional way. Instead, get the guests of honor there first. Ask each invited person to come at a different time about 10 to 15 minutes apart. It will make the surprise aspect stretch out a long time, and itís exciting because they wonít know whose coming next. Once everyone has gathered, show the DVD. Be prepared for laughter and tears when you roll out such a meaningful 50th wedding anniversary gift. End the evening with a champagne toast to the loving couple. Donít forget pictures; save a place for them in the scrapbook!