Wow your bride with some first anniversary gift ideas.

Our first anniversary gift ideas are perfect for any couple.

Your first anniversary is fast approaching. You need some sizzling anniversary gift ideas, but youíre about as romantic as a water buffalo with chicken pox. Thereís no reason you canít put together an incredibly romantic anniversary gift for your wife. It only takes a little imagination and creativity to wow your bride. Here are some sweet and sentimental anniversary gift ideas that will make her proclaim you as husband of the year.

Start by putting yourself in her shoes. Although your idea of a great first anniversary gift might include feathers, a mirror on the ceiling, and some erotic videos, chances are your wife might want something a little more romantic. Your anniversary gift idea should be all about what she likes, and what you know she will find meaningful. And if youíre able to pull an unbelievably romantic rabbit out of your top hat, sheíll probably be more than willing to indulge your steamier fantasies.

You can certainly take her to a fancy restaurant, but why not have a dinner catered for two in your home? If you donít want the caterer around, order the meal in advance and serve it yourself. Break out the wedding gifts of china and silver, and set a beautiful table for two. An intimate meal in front of the fireplace or an impressive candlelight dinner on the deck will be a fantastic start to the evening. You may feel more comfortable in your shorts and stained t-shirt, but sheíll love that you took the time to dress up in a tux.

Plan to have her favorite foods. If she adores shrimp cocktail, chicken cordon bleu, and strawberries with cream, then thatís exactly what you should serve. If your bride is a vegetarian, the meal should be vegetarian. If she loves chocolate, you could skip the main course completely, and have an entire menu of delicious chocolate desserts, complemented by a bottle of champagne.

Donít forget musicóitís essential for a successful first anniversary dinner. Find some romantic CDs, how about the song you danced to at your wedding reception? Pull out your wedding album and spend some time reminiscing about each picture.

And just when she thinks she is married to the most romantic man on Earth; present her with the final and best gift of the evening. Give her a beautiful bouquet that you have recreated exactly from your wedding pictures. Explain how you took a picture to the florist and painstakingly chose each flower, each piece of greenery and each ribbon. Tell her that although flowers die, your love for her will never end. If youíre feeling rich, you can always throw in a heat-shaped box containing a beautiful piece of jewelry. Itís not necessary, though. Your loving thoughtfulness is all the anniversary gift she wants.