Anniversary Gift Ideas to get Fit

Our healthy anniversary gift ideas are perfect for the couple looking to stay in shape.

This year, instead of fattening chocolates or a decadent restaurant meal, why not opt for a healthy and long lasting present? Exercise may seem a poor choice for a gift, but the benefits are broad and long lasting. There are many activities couples can do together, from hiking to ballroom dancing; even gentle walks in the park can help you get into shape. A shared fitness program can be a welcome respite from the often hectic pace of your day-to-day life to say nothing of the many health benefits of exercise.

TIdeally, you will find an activity that interests both of you. The more you enjoy yourselves, the less it will feel like work. Selecting both your activity and the frequency of your routine will depend largely on personal taste and schedule. It is a topic worthy of discussion, and you may even want to try different things to see what sort of activity you both enjoy. It is always advisable to seek the opinion of your doctor before starting any fitness regime, and your current health and overall fitness levels should play a factor in whatever activity you consider.

TWhether you choose formal lessons or prefer to simply engage in your chosen activity on your own is purely a matter of choice, and some things simply do not require lessons. Often lessons can help to keep you both motivated, but are not the only option if you seek more of a group activity. Depending on your area and what you choose to do, there may be local clubs you can join, like a cycling club. Club activities are a great way for you and your partner to enjoy your activity and be part of a new group, potentially meeting new friends with at least one similar interest.

TAbove all else, be sensitive to both of your needs and goals, perhaps one of you has always wanted to try their hand at rock climbing, or secretly longed to learn to cha-cha. Using these examples in more practical terms, you might broach the topic of lessons at the local dance hall or a membership in the local rock-climbing club to see if they interest your partner. You might even consider mixing in existing hobbies, like bird watching or photography, while hiking to scenic locations. Be creative, and you may be surprised how enriching your time together will become.

TWhile an “all or nothing” approach to fitness might seem appealing, it is important to remember that consistency is far more important in the long run. Mild activities on a regular basis will net a greater result over time than sporadic but highly intense workouts. If you truly want to challenge yourselves, start small and slowly build up your routines. Pushing too hard too quickly can easily result in injuries. Mild stretching both before and after exercising will also help to avoid pulled or strained muscles. While the frequency of your sessions is not overly important, make every effort to set a schedule and stick to it.

TIf you are looking for a nontraditional gift, a shared fitness regime might just be the right way to celebrate your anniversary this year. In addition to providing a fun new way to bond you will also be improving your health; helping to ensure that there will be many more happy anniversaries to come.