Simple and Inexpensive Anniversary Gift Ideas

Suggestions for inexpensive anniversary gift ideas for the couple who has it all.

Trying to come up with some inexpensive anniversary gift ideas for your favorite couple who has it all? Your limited gift budget probably won’t spring for matching Corvettes or a weekend trip to Paris, but don’t let that stop you from remembering their special day. An anniversary gift doesn’t have to be inexpensive; it’s just needs to be special.

A gift of food is always a winner, but make yours memorable. Customized chocolate bars or long-stem chocolate roses are great ideas. If your friends like to cook, enroll them in a cooking class. If they’re wine connoisseurs, they’d probably love a wine-tasting class. Show up at their house with the ingredients for fantastic ice cream sundaes with all the toppings that you put together and serve. Cook a special dinner for them, if your talents run in that direction. A delicious homemade meal is always special and usually fits into a limited gift budget.

Give a twist to ordinary anniversary gifts. If it’s their silver 25th anniversary, send them 25 pounds of M&Ms in a silver container. You can even get their names on the candies. How about a box filled with 1,000 chocolate Kisses? Try to find a pizza place that will deliver pizzas baked in the shape of a heart.

Are you thinking music is a great gift idea? Think outside the CD case. Hire the local high school jazz band to show up on their front lawn with a romantic and private concert. Find some local musicians to serenade them beneath their bedroom window one starry night. Burn a CD of all their favorite love songs, and suggest they dance the night away.

If your friends like puzzles and games, send them a jigsaw puzzle that turns out to be a picture of themselves. Make a personalized Monopoly game, with each piece of real estate representing something or someone in their life together. For card players, send a deck of personalized cards.

It may not be original, but people still appreciate a monetary gift to a charity in their name. Take the time to write a special note to the charity and the honorees, listing why this couple is so special. Are they dog lovers? The local animal shelter would love a gift of pet food, and your friends will feel great knowing they are helping a worthy cause.

You can also give a completely no-cost anniversary gift. Take the time to write a letter to your friends, detailing why their love affair is such a great example to everyone else. It’s a letter they’ll appreciate and treasure forever. Or get the gang together and throw a surprise anniversary party with only handmade gifts allowed.