Mobile Anniversary Gift Ideas for Blackberry Users

Show your appreciation for your loved one while feeding your Blackberry addiction with unique and personalized anniversary gift ideas.

If you are one of the rapidly growing crowd of Blackberry users, you already know just how fun and addictive these devices can be. Email, addresses, appointments, games, and web browsing are all at your fingertips any time of day. Blackberries easily integrate themselves into daily life, so much so that the tongue in cheek term “crackberry” really does apply. To the uninitiated, anniversary gifts associated with Blackberries might seem unromantic, or worse downright rude, but there are many fantastic accessories that make perfect gifts and add that extra personal touch to the devices.

The first thing any observer will notice about these devices is the casing. While some carriers offer some vibrant and attractive colors, many are lackluster at best. There is a wide assortment of solutions to this, varying greatly in price and level of customization. Decals designed specifically for the devices can be purchased and applied; some even include a screen background that matches the design of the decals, which can look very attractive. They provide for an affordable and removable solution to a dull looking Blackberry. If decals aren’t personal enough, you can find services that will custom paint the housing of your Blackberry for a fee. This requires that you send your precious device to the company in question, but your Blackberry will return to you with the beautiful paint job of your choice. Perfect for the user who adores their Blackberry, but bemoans the lack of color options.

For those of you who keep your Blackberry in a case at all times, minor cosmetic changes to the casing might mean little, and will almost never be seen. There is a huge variety of cases and carrying devices sure to suit any possible needs. From tiny stylized purses for the ladies, to robust hard cases, there is something for everyone. Prices can very from quite cheap to moderately expensive, and from useful to entirely cosmetic. Some cases can offer a degree of weatherproofing and shock impact in the event of an accident, making them quite practical. Cases are available in a wide range of styles and colors, and there is certainly no reason why a case could not be further customized with a paint or decal addition making this a more viable option for those unwilling to part with their Blackberries for a custom paint job.

There are a seemingly endless number of accessories available for Blackberries: various chargers, holsters, Bluetooth headsets, memory cards, GPS pucks for those models that don’t already have it, even full sized keyboards! To say nothing of the many great and useful programs available ranging from games to highly useful programs and applications. You can even create your own fun little custom desktop themes; for example, you might design one using your wedding pictures and send it to your spouse. What a lovely anniversary gift idea!

The possibilities for Blackberry related gifts are almost as diverse as the people who use them. For those attached to their Blackberry a custom gift could be not just an attractive or useful modification, but also a daily reminder of the love shared with their spouse.