An Honest Approach to Anniversary Gift Ideas

Tackling the gift-giving challenge with our simple anniversary gift ideas.

As anniversary time approaches again, you find yourself scrambling to find that perfect gift. You want your spouse to know you love them; you want the gift to be important, meaningful, and something that will adequately convey your devotion to them. The problem is that, as you wander the shops gazing at the brightly lit displays, you draw a complete blank. Are these potential gifts treasures to be cherished for years to come, or simply pretty baubles that will soon lie forgotten in a corner? You want something special, but you have no clue what to choose. Sometimes the best policy really is honesty; consider simply asking your loved one, “What do you want?”

While this approach may seem decidedly unromantic, stop to think a moment about the implications. No longer do you need worry about choosing that perfect gift, or fear that what you have selected will not be enjoyed. Asking shows consideration on your part, you care about your partner and want them to have something that will truly make them happy. Isn’t that the point of an anniversary gift? To show you love them and strive to give them something you know will please them? That is certainly a romantic idea in anyone’s book!

Being honest could add a new element of closeness and communication to the relationship; possibly even leading to a new gift giving tradition. Instead of separately shopping and hoping your selection is suitable, you could shop together and share the experience. Marriage is after all a partnership. Why not consult one another on the matter of presents, particularly if it is an important issue to you? This new openness could strengthen the bonds between you while turning the act of shopping into a pleasant interlude. You might even learn new things about each other.

Celebrating an anniversary as a team, collaborating with each other to make sure your presents are as intimate and special as they can be, adds a new element to your gift giving. It is fitting that, as a team, you both have an active and mutual role in commemorating that special day, and relieves the pressure of trying to find the ideal gift. You are both showing your appreciation for the other by making honesty an entirely appropriate gift for any anniversary.