Sexy Anniversary Gift Ideas for your Husband

Check out our sexy anniversary gift ideas to make your next anniversary unforgettable.

Want to give your husband a special gift? Hereís a sexy anniversary gift idea that will make the special date one he will remember for a long time. It will take some planning, so donít wait until the last minute. Be assured itís worth the effort.

Find a hotel in your city that has a romantic reputation. It doesnít matter if it exudes old world charm or if it boasts a modern, minimalist look. Just make sure itís private, gorgeous, and completely different from what the two of you are used to at home. Itís an added bonus if you find one that includes a large Jacuzzi in the bathroom. If you can find one thatís heart-shaped, youíre in luck.

Register early in the day, so you can get the scene set up for romance. Bring a bottle of champagne, a silver wine cooler and two crystal or silver champagne flutes. Add a tray of cheese, crackers and luscious strawberries and arrange it all on the bed. Some decadent chocolates are also important.

Place crystal dishes of bubble bath and bath oil by the Jacuzzi. Add several pillar candles in delicious scents, and donít forget the matches.

Be waiting outside his office when his day is over. If youíre really bold, wear a raincoat, heels and nothing at all underneath. If you canít go quite that far don a classy, yet provocative outfit. If you can find something that is completely opposite of your usual style, but looks incredible on you, go for it. When he comes out of his office, just slip your arm through his and murmur that heís being kidnapped. Donít answer any questions. Just lead him to the car and drive to the hotel while the two of you listen to the music from the movie Nine and a Half Weeks.

Unlock the door to the hotel room, and make a big show of hanging the ďDo Not DisturbĒ sign on the door. Donít forget to turn off your cell phones. You have the perfect start for a fabulous anniversary gift. The rest is up to you.