Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas for the First Five Years of Marriage

Check out our list of traditional anniversary gift ideas for the special person in your life.

Most people know that it has been a long time tradition to give gifts each year on the day of a couple’s marriage. While many simply give a gift that is needed or wanted by the couple, others feel that there should be some type of symbolism to their gift. To aide in the creation of symbolism, a list was created to outline what types of gifts should be given each year of marriage.

In addition to the traditional anniversary gift list, there is also a list of the type of flower that should be given on each anniversary. Add even more symbolism to your gift by adding in a stem of the anniversary flower for that year.

It is thought that on the first anniversary the gift of paper should be given. To some paper may not seem like a good gift to give. However, there is a way to keep this tradition and win over your mate. On a piece of paper, write a heart felt poem expressing how you feel about your spouse. Give the gift of paper with your feelings written on it. Your mate is sure to be impressed by the thoughtfulness. If this gift is for a couple, write a poem about the love that you see between the two of them. The flower for this year is a carnation. Add a picture of a carnation to the bottom of the poem.

The second anniversary gift according to the list is cotton. While many clothing items are made of cotton, try making your gift meaningful. Your mate would love to see one of your wedding pictures on a cotton throw. Most photo shops can make or order these. Check with the photographer about copyright laws or use a family snapshot. The flower for second anniversaries is Lily of the Valley. After you receive the throw, have a lily embroidered on one corner.

According to the traditional gift list, the third anniversary gift is leather. There are many leather items that can be embossed. Think along the lines of purchasing a leather key chain and having the initials of the couple stamped on it. The flower for this year is a sunflower. Perhaps a sunflower could be placed on the other side of the key chain.

According to tradition the fourth anniversary gift is linen or silk. An elegant anniversary gift idea for this year would be silk pillow cases with the couple’s initials embroidered on them. Also add an embroider hydrangea- the flower for the fourth year of marriage. You could also throw in a set of silk sheets to match.

On the fifth anniversary, gifts should be of wood. Furniture makes a great wooden gift. However if you have a smaller budget in mind, purchase a wooden sign of the couple’s last name. The sign could be decorated with daisies- the flower of the fifth year of marriage.