Unusual Anniversary Gift Ideas

Find out how to surprise your wife with our unusual anniversary gift ideas.

Maybe this is the year to surprise your wife with an outrageous and completely incredible anniversary gift. Itís not to say flowers, candy, and jewelry are great, but a more unusual anniversary gift idea may be just the spark to get your love affair roaring again. If youíre willing to dole out the considerable cash most of these ideas cost, your spouse will certainly remember this year.

Clothes thrill most women, so buy her an entire ensemble from top to bottom. Start with sexy and expensive lingerie, a drop-dead cocktail dress, satin stilettos and a designer evening bag. Attach a coupon for her favorite spa, so she can get the works Ė hair, nails, and eyebrows. For an extra wow factor, have it all delivered to her at her office.

What woman doesnít love flowers? Go over the top, and send flowers to her every single day of your anniversary month. Personally choose each bouquet, and write a note to go with it explaining why you selected those particular flowers.

Plan a vow renewal ceremony as part of a surprise tropical island vacation or cruise. Choose music, champagne, and everything else to make this a prefect moment. What could be better than lovingly renewing your vows as the sun sets over the ocean?

Find a list of the traditional anniversary gifts. Itís paper for the first, wood for the fifth and so on. Buy her a gift for each year. If youíve been married 12 years, start with silk, the traditional 12th anniversary gift and work your way backward. Gift wrap each one yourself, and pen a special note to go with it.

Call her at her office, and ask her to come out to the parking lot. Be waiting with a brand new sports car for her all tied up with a huge red bow.

Hire a private jet, and whisk her off to New York City for a weekend of theater and great dining. Stay at the most luxurious hotel you can find.

And finally, an anniversary gift idea that wonít cost you anything but sleep. Get up with the new baby every night for one whole month. Itís definitely an unusual anniversary gift idea that will have her bragging to her friends for months about her perfect husband.